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1984 - First Remote Leader Board - Llangollen International

The Leader Board has always been a basic feature of the Slalom Event Organiser. In the early days it utilised the function of the IBM PC XT/AT with DOS using two Monitor Adapters. One Mono, one in Colour.

Llangollen International in 1984 was the first time a Remote Leader Board was used. This was to provide Albert Woods, the commentator, with a live set of results to commentate by. Using the standard IBM Asynchronous Adapter across the standard two wire TUTTI cables and a display program on the IBM 'Portable' PC, this was very successful.

After 1988 we had Current loop Adapters to allow use to have leader Boards up to 400metres away

Of course using Null Modems a local leader Board could be added and often used an old 'Unix' green screen monitor.

Llangollen Remote Leader Board on the Station Bridge. This is the first use to give Albert Woods, on left, info for commentary. Tony is on right.

Myrna, Tony's wife, in Race Control at Llangollen

IBM UK News report - Jan 1985

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