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1988 - Europa Cup

1988 saw us supporting the Europa Cup event at Holme Pierrepont. The Slalom Event Organiser was put to the side and I programmed a ' Data Handler' program built, using a PS/2 lent by IBM. This fed the Omega Teams' video drive to the BBC to provide individual results on the TV at the end of each run, normally within 2 seconds of the competitor crossing the line. The data handler also fed the many leader Boards around the site, again PS/2's and a special computer in Ed Ecclestones Print Room, allowing him to print out results, for distribution to team managers, within minutes of each class ending

Here,  timing was done using the OTR 7 Omega Ski Timer, manned by Irene Osborne and her team. Steve Groeger, who worked with me at IBM at the time and my daughter Christine manned the Data Controller with Dave and John Gravestock giving me assistance in the technical support side, including maintaining the 3,000 metres of TUTTI wire to connect all the functions together.

This event saw the first view of the , now famous, Tardis to protect the Remote leader Boards and the provision of our Current Loop boxes. Both are still in use today (2003)

Article on Europa Cup Hook up for Slalom magazine

The BBC Village

Irene Osborne on Omeha OTR7 Timer and Dave Groeger operating data Handler with Omega Team at rear

Control Clerks collecting the penalties

Omega equipment feeding results from Data Handler to BBC Control Room

My support room - used to fix mid event problems and pass info to BBC logo team

View of Control area with BBC Scanner behind van

Control Village across pool

IBM UK News article