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                   E.Grandfield (Ernest) Army Service 1914-1919

                               Ernest is Tony's wife's maternal Grandfather

The information below has been collated by Tony Arrowsmith from Ernest's WW1 Service Record



9th December 1915 - Attestation at Bath Recruiting Office 

9th December1915 - Army Service No 152649

3rd January 1916 - issued with Armlet No 461719 at Bath Recruiting Office

24th July 1916 - Local Tribunal at Bath City granted temporary exemption from being called up for one month due to business obligations

                         - Subject to him coming up for medical examination within the period

11th August 1916 - Notice of requirement to report to rejoin for service with the colours on 26th August 1916 (Bath Recruiting Office)

18th August 1916 - Medical Examination Board in Bristol

14th October 1916 - Local Appeal Tribunal at Bath City granted exemption from being called up until the 14th December 1916

2nd April 1917 - Report to Bath Recruiting Office

2nd April 1917 - Service 'reckons' from!

2nd April 1917 -  Applied to join Regiments of Household Cavalry

5th April 1917 - Returned from Life Guards - not suitable for either of the Regiments of Household Cavalry

11th April 1917 -  No 2 Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA), Heavy and Siege, Citadel, Plymouth

1st May 1917 - 26th June 1917 - RGA Signalling Depot, Withnoe, Plymouth

27th June 1917 - 28th June 1917 - RGA 36 Company, Eastern Section, Withnoe, Plymouth, (South Western Coast Defences. )

28th June 1917 -11th October 1917 - 22nd Heavy Artillery Reserve Brigade, RGA, Winchester

11th October 1917 - Posted to 2nd Army, British Expeditionary Force, France

19th October 1917 - 8th February 1918 - 119th RGA Heavy Battery in Baupaume, Pas de Calais, France

Following information is from the Diary of the 119 Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery 1/1/1917-21/12/1918
the Private Papers of Brigadier E W Goodman DSO MC

19th October 1917 - Battery on Etricort Lines - SE of Baupaume, Pas de Calais, France

5th November 1917 - Battery moved to Haplincourt (3Km east of Baupaume)

17th November 1917 - Gun Standings occupied at Winchester Valley, East of Metz-en-Couture

21st November 1917 - Battle of Cambria started

23rd/24th November 1917 - Battery moved to Trescault section.

28th November 1917 - Battery moved to a position North of Ribecourt, Nord, France - just west of the Ribecourt-Flesquieres road.

30th November 1917 - Battery pulled back to Havrincourt.

1st December 1917 - Battery advanced to a position 800 yards West of Ribencourt, North of the Ribencourt-Havrincourt Road.

28th/29th December 1917 - Battery Pulled out and proceeded to Rocquigny, south of Baupaume

31st December 1917 - Battery marched to Arras via Baupaume (about 21 miles). Temporary Lines were found in the Faubourg St Saveur.

4th - 11th January 1918 - Battery moved to Battery Valley - approx 1Km South of Feuchy. Guns moved on the Decauville Railway.

8th February 1918 - Discharged to Base Depot

15th February 1918 - 24th March 1919 - 22nd Heavy Battalion in North France

19th June 1918 - Granted Class 1 Pay

21st June 1918 - 11th July 1918 - Attend AA School, 13 Brigade

12th July 1918 - Rejoined Unit, 13 Brigade

3rd August 1918 - 18th August - 15 days in Hospital with Myalgia (Trench Fever ?) - Discharged to duty

3rd September 1918 - 13th October 1918 - Leave to UK via Boulogne

14th October 1918 - Return to British Expeditionary Force

19 March 1919  - Posted to No 2 London Heavy Battalion

27th March 1919 - Joined 1/1 North Midland Heavy Battery (Brigade)

28th March 1919 - 4th June 1919 - No 2 Army in Cologne

431st May 1919 - Home leave from Germany via Calais

17th June 1919 - Demobilised whilst on  leave

9th July 1919 - Issued with Certificate of Identity by No 1 Dispersal Unit Fovant, Wiltshire

15th August 1919 - Transferred to Class 2 Army Reserve

25th November 1921 - received his medals