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 W.E.Grandfield (Bill) Army Service 1934-1945

 William (Uncle Bill) is Tony's wife's maternal Uncle


     Grenadier Guards Cap Badge                 WW2 Military Medal                         Italy Star                  WW2 Defence Medal                     WW2 War Medal


7th June 1934 - Enlisted in Grenadier Guards for 4 years Service + 8 years in the Army Reserve as a Guardsman

7th June 1934 - 6th June 1938 Served in the Home Battalion

6th June 1938 - Released to Section 'B' Army Reserve

7th June 1938 - 30th November 1941 - Served with Bristol Police Force

1st December 1939 - Mobilised (to Grenadier Guards)

1st December 1939 - 27February 1941 - Home Battalion

22nd August 1940 - Promoted to Acting Unpaid Lance Corporal

28th August 1940 - Appointed Lance Corporal

14th December 1940 - Promoted to Acting Unpaid Corporal (ULS)

14th December 1940 - Appointed Acting Corporal (ULS)

27th February 1941 - Relinquished Acting Rank of Corporal (ULS) on transfer to Class "W" Army Reserve

28th February 1941 - 27th July 1943 - Released to Class "W" Reserve to serve as a Civilian Policeman

28th July 1943 - Rejoined Colours

28th July 1943 - 11th January 1944 - Served with the Home Battalion in UK

12th January 1944 - 2nd September 1944 - Served in Italy in the 24th Brigade of the 5th Battalion Grenadier Guards

22 January 1944 - 24th Brigade landed in Italy as part of 1st British Corps on "Peter Beach" (6 miles north of Anzio)

20th May 1944 - 24th Brigade transferred to the 6th South African Armoured Division 13 Corps

26th June 1944 - 24th Brigade reach Chianciano              

12th July - Lance Sergeant W.E.Grandfield awarded the Military Medal for bravery (near San Gusme, Italy)

25th August 1944 - 24th Brigade fighting on Gothic Line

3rd September 1944 - 9th December 1944 Served in Italy

5th December 1944 - Military Medal award announced on the London Gazette

2nd October 1944 - Wounded

1st December 1944 - 24th Brigade fighting on Mount Sole

10th December 1944 - 30th July 1045 - Served with Home Battalion in UK

30th July 1945 - Discharged from Service as permanently unfit for Military Service