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                     Nicole Brains's Photos

First time canoeing with Granddad at Bathing Pool, River Avon, Stratford upon Avon. Age 5/6


First time in a Kayak aged 5/6 years

Nicole in C2 with Mum - Tina - aged 5/6

Nicole Cardington (River) 1999/2000

Nicole Cardington (River) 2002

Nicole Cardington Inter Clubs September 2005

Nicole Stratford Dragon Boat Racing 2004

Nicole Ieper 2007

Nicole 2008 Junior Slalom Championships - Cardington

Nicole Stone Div 4/5

Nicole Stone Mini 2005

Nicole 2010 World Championships - U21 Bronze Medal

Bronze Medal 2011 Madrid European Championships

Nicole in Action


Nicole at Chaleroi 2015

 Nicole London International 2016


 Nicole Syracuse World Championships 2016

Nicole with Sharks at Banbury Outdoor Pool October 2016