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             On 230 OCU at RAF Waddington 1959-1960

230 OCU Badge

XH 558 AS delivered to 230 OCU 01/07/1960


XA900 - B1

XA902 - B1

XH558 in flight - Nose

XH558 in flight

XH558 Tail

XA902 - Drawing

XA907 Drawing

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XH558 Back at RAF Waddington 6th July 2008

High speed run down runway following electrical problems that stopped her flying. XH558 had completed her first public show at the RAF Waddington Air Show on the previous day - 5th July 2008



 RAF Waddington 'At Home' 19th September 1964

AT HOME Saturday 19th September 1964

At Home page two

At Home page three

At Home page four

At Home page five

At Home page six

At Home page seven

At Home back cover



How many of us are left who were serving on 230 OCU when XH558 was delivered?
I was a 19 year old LAC (Arrowsmith) Radar Mechanic. I can remember clearly XH558 landing for the first time and strolling out to the Pan to have a look to see what was different from the MK 1.

Of course the first thing that we could see was the wing change.

It's almost 49 year's on and I have few other memories about that time other than Roller Skating in Lincoln (Thursday evenings I think), the lack of local talent around Waddington, the floodlit Thor rockets down the road and the security when the warheads were delivered, and of course the fly over of the the black monster B52 aircraft to show us what the Yanks had!

The only other persons name who was on 230 OCU I can remember is a mainframe Mechanic, Pete Baxter.

Most weekends I used to go home to Pinner, Middx. In the early days by Train catching the midnight flyer from Euston to Lincoln, trying to sleep on the way, and getting back into camp about 3:30am Monday morning. For the last few months at Waddington  I rode my scooter home and back each weekend - trying not to fall asleep on the way back.

I was on 230 OCU from 21/08/1959 until the 05/07/1960 when I flew off to Singapore to work on Canberra PR3 and Meteor PR10 - a little bit of a let down!